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Server Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 11, 2017 3:23 pm

Hello and welcome to the server rules. This is where you will know all the rules for what is happening.

(1) Please be respectful to everyone.
(2) Please do not drive far away from where the roleplay is taking place.
(3) You cannot be in a pursuit every time you are pulled over. You should act realistic.
(4) Fear Factor should be in place when needed.
(5) If you have a hardcore crash, you cannot keep driving your vehicle.
(6) If a police officer says that he cuffed you, you cannot take out a gun or punch him. You may only run if you choose(at your own risk).
(7) If you are a civilian, you can only have a pistol or a submachine gun. You may get a better gun if you find one of the gangs and they sell you a gun.
(Cool If you are want to start a business, you should message an admin or staff member.
(9) You must initiate in order to kill someone or they initiated on you.
(10) No VDM or RDM

These are general rules. Staff Members will have the final decision on making a rule or punishing someone who does not follow these rules.


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