DMW Application Template(License and Vehicle)

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DMW Application Template(License and Vehicle)

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 11, 2017 3:07 pm


I see that you want to register your vehicle and get your licenses. Before you do, you must feel out an application for your vehicle and license. When you submit your application, your vehicle/license will be added into our system.

License Application

Roleplay Name:

Roleplay Age:

Date of Birth:

Place of Residence(Roleplay Characters Place of Residence):

Roleplay Height:

Roleplay Weight:
Vehicle Registration Application:


Roleplay Name:

Gender- Are you a male, female, or other?

Current Residency- Where do you live?

P.O.B.- Where were you born?

Vehicle Make and Model- What vehicle is it and what company was it made by?

Liability & Or Full Coverage Insurance Card: Yes or No?

License Plate #:

Vehicle Price- How much did it cost?

Vehicle Color- What color is your car?


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